Private VXC

Deploying a Private VXC is one of the simpler tasks to perform with the Megaport Portal and is a great way to quickly deploy scalable bandwidth between your Data Centres.

To do this, please follow the instructions in the video or read this article.

Simply select the Port you want as the originating Port (referred to as the A-End) and choose ‘+ Connection’ to add a VXC.

Select the ‘Private VXC’ option from the ‘+ Connection’ page

Select your target (Or B-End) Port and select Next

Here you will configure the VXC and select Next

Name Your Connection – A free text field allowing you to assign an easily identifiable name for this connection.

Rate Limit – The speed in Mbps for this connection. The maximum speed available will be limited to the smallest of the two ports available and displayed above this field.

A & B-End VLANs – The 802.1q VLAN for this connection that you will receive via the respective A and B end Megaports. The applicable VLANs are available on each port on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis and therefore the selected VLAN might be incremented +1 depending on availability on the given line card/chassis. You may also select the toggle to “untag” this VXC at either end. This will remove the VLAN tagging for this connection and convert the trunk port to an access port, however note that this does mean only this single VXC can be deployed on this Port.

Select Add VXC

You can see the VXC is in design mode.  Select “order” to create the VXC.

When deployed the service Identifier number will be the same for both ends of the VXC.

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