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We enable fast, secure, and on-demand connectivity between enterprise customers and service providers with our powerful Software Defined Network (SDN). The Megaport SDN is made up of a software layer which controls a global network infrastructure that spans North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Customers can deploy point-to-point connectivity between any of the data centre locations on the Megaport Network via the SDN. You can learn more about provisioning connections with Megaport here .

Your Megaport services are ordered and controlled via:

This article will provide you with an overview of how to get set up with the Portal with using our self-service process. This is quick and easy to do and allows you to start provisioning new services within minutes as well as test connectivity and check service pricing.

Essential Information

To start the registration process, all you need is your company email address. For full Portal profile prerequisites, please see the section at the end of the article.

Let’s Get Started

Firstly, go to the Portal and select ‘Register Now’ .

Megaportal Front page

Fill out your name, email address, and password. You can review the Privacy Policy and Site Terms by selecting the links. Note that they will appear in a new tab. Select  ‘agree’  to agree with the Privacy Policy and Site Terms. There is also an option to log in with your Google credentials at the bottom of the page.

Registration form fields

Select ‘Create Account’ and, in a few seconds, you will have access to the Portal. We recommend taking the initial walkthrough tour of the Portal to get you started. This will highlight areas such as the account setup, service creation, Portal tools, API documents, and how to contact support. You can exit the tour at any time.

Set Up your Account

At the left-hand side of the Portal, you will see a list of steps required in setting up your account and creating your first Megaport.

Working through the account setup, select ‘Setup Company’ and enter your company trading name. Before selecting ‘Save Changes’, please review and accept the Global Services Agreement.

Enable a Billing Market

Once you save your changes, you will be passed automatically to register company markets in which you wish to consume services. It is possible, and advisable, to register for multiple markets. However, additional markets may be added later as you expand your services. Your preferred billing currency is selected here. The currencies vary per market, however, all markets have an option for USD as a default base currency.


Our default payment option is via Electronic Fund Transfer post-paid with 30-day payment terms. Once your first invoice is issued, it is also possible to pay with a credit card via the Portal and set up automatic monthly payments. One-off credit card payments are accepted at any time via the Portal.

Credit card processing fees will be applied to your next invoice. Megaport passes these fees directly from Stripe, our payment provider, to you. No PCI DSS information is taken or held by Megaport. For more information about Stripe credit card transaction fees, click here .

Complete your User Profile

Back at the dashboard, select ‘User Profile’ and complete your user details including your phone number. Under ‘User Profile’, there is an option to enable a two-factor authentication. Google Authenticator is our recommended authentication app. If you cannot scan the QR code, there is an option to enter a test code instead.

Add your Company to the Megaport Marketplace

The Megaport Marketplace is a global marketplace that connects service providers with our vast Ecosystem of enterprise customers. On the MX, service providers can promote their business and end-user customers can efficiently multi-source their organization’s IT service needs and obtain the best solution regardless of previous location limitations. Click here for more information .

Megaport users who do not wish to advertise their services on the MX are not required to complete this section.

It is possible to complete this information in private mode so that you can complete your MX information in private and then publish at your desired time. In this section, you can enter a company logo and bio which will be including in the first view presented to potential customers.

Other details include contact email, website URL, social media channels, and phone number. To enable potential customers to find your company in an MX search, you need to select the types of services offered by your company on the MX. These can be selected under the ‘Provider Type’  section.

Create your First Megaport, Virtual Cross Connect, or Megaport Cloud Router

Please refer to our Knowledgebase for step-by-step guides on how to create a Megaport , Virtual Cross Connect , or Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) .

About the Megaport API

Our Portal is entirely built on the Megaport APIs. API documentation is available here including ‘collection’ downloads for API testing in Postman.

Prerequisite Information

Billing information required:

  • Currency you wish to be billed in for each region or globally
  • Markets in which you want to provision your service (this may be completed later)
  • Company registered name
  • Company address
  • VAT or Tax registration number as required per region. (VAT/EIN/Tax ref/NZBN/Business Registration Number/ABN)
  • Billing contact name, email address, and phone number
  • There is an optional Purchase Order Number. This number will appear on all invoices related to that market

Megaport Marketplace profile information required:

Only required if you wish to complete your profile and advertise your services on the MX

  • Company logo
  • Company bio
  • Contact email address, website URL, and phone number
  • Services offered by your company (selected via the MX)
  • Social media details: Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn (optional)
  • Headquarters address

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