Diversity in AWS Connections

Diverse connections improve the robustness of your network by using different physical infrastructure to provide network services. Diverse connections build in redundancy and eliminate single points of failure. 

AWS Hosted Connections simplify the deployment of diverse connections by establishing diversity zones. A diversity zone is a group of devices at a single Megaport location. Ports and VXCs in different diversity zones are physically separated on Megaport devices and connected to different AWS devices. During scheduled maintenance, no more than one diversity zone will experience downtime at any moment. Whenever possible, diverse services have maintenance periods scheduled for different days.

Megaport creates AWS diversity zones by dividing the customer edge routers into two groups. Each AWS destination port indicates its diversity zone with either an orange or blue icon. 

To create diverse connections, you need to create two connections: one connection for each diversity zone. This figure demonstrates the approach of using VXCs to diverse AWS service on-ramp locations.

For end-to-end diversity, the connections must be on diverse ports at both ends. In other words, truly diverse VXCs can only exist between two pairs of diverse ports. This figure shows a fully redundant solution with VXCs from different physical locations using different diversity zones.

The preferred diversity method deploys connections in different Megaport locations regardless of the diversity zone. This offers the most redundancy and protection.

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