AWS FAQ: My public virtual interface is stuck in the “verifying” state. What can I do?

When you create a public virtual interface and you specify the public peer IP addresses, it requires approval from the AWS Direct Connect team (private VIFs/VXCs do not require this authorization and are available within minutes). Before approving public IP prefixes or public ASNs, the AWS Direct Connect team needs to verify the ownership of the public IP prefixes and BGP ASN. The AWS Direct Connect team verifies ownership by confirming that the regional registry belongs to the organization name listed in your AWS account.

If the public virtual interface state is in the verifying state for more than 72 hours, check the email address registered to your AWS account. You might have received an email from the AWS Direct Connect team if the owner of the BGP ASN or one of your advertised routes does not match your account details.


If the BGP ASN or an advertised route does not match your account, you can:

  • Ask the IP address owner to email stating that they authorize to have the public IP prefixes approved for the public virtual interface dxvif-xxx

  • Ask the IP address owner to submit a letter of authorization written on a company letterhead, or ask them to send a email authorizing the use of the public IP prefix for the public virtual interface dxvif-xxx with your AWS account. Then sign in to the account that owns the Direct Connect public virtual interface, open a case, and attach the letter of authorization to your case.

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