Locking Ports, MCRs, and Services (VXC/IX)

Ports, MCRs, and Services that need to be preserved without potential deletion or alteration can now be flagged by ‘Company Admin’ (super-user) access user roles for protection using a simple toggle action in the Megaport Portal.

Ports must be in LIVE status in order to be set to locked status or even display a padlock symbol. Therefore, if you have just ordered your Port and not yet cross-connected, you will not see the lock symbol until the connectivity has been finalised.

In the above example, a Port has been created and a VXC is attached. The padlock symbol is visible on both the Port and the VXC as the Port is in LIVE status and traffic is in use across ‘PrivateVXC-GS-B2-SALAB’. Both the Port and VXC are currently unlocked, as indicated by the open padlock symbol at the right-hand side of the dashboard.

In this next example, we have the same Port and VXC combination. However, this time, although the Port is still set as unlocked, the VXC is set to locked (as per the closed padlock symbol) which also grays out the trashcan/delete icon on both the locked VXC and the Port. Deletion of the Port (and correspondingly, all attached VXCs/IX services) is blocked because of a single locked VXC instance. To remove this block, the VXC needs to be unlocked first by a member of the Company Admin permissions group.

Other admin user levels (Technical Admin, Finance Admin) with change/order permissions will be prohibited from making changes to or deletion of any locked Port/MCR or VXC/IX service. These will require escalation to a user within the company entity with Company Admin permissions in order to remove the locked status.

Users at access levels below Company Admin are still able to ADD VXCs/IX services to Ports/MCRs that are in locked status, and additional services do not inherit locked status but are instead set to unlocked by default. Likewise, non-Company Admin users are allowed to view details of locked Ports/MCRs/services as per normal. An indication will be returned on the details page indicating the current locking status if one is set.

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