How do I connect to services?

Once your Port is live you can start provisioning your VXCs to connect to services on the Megaport network. A VXC is essentially a point to point Ethernet connection between an A-End (Your Port) and a B-End (one of the four destination types).

Each VXC is delivered as a separate VLAN on your Megaport.

It is also possible to deliver an untagged VLAN however note that this will consume the entire Port and prevent any other VXCs from being deployed on this Port.

To Deploy a VXC, simply choose your desired A-End Port and select the “+ Connection” button:

In the panel that will appear you will be presented with five options for this connection:

Cloud – Provisions a dedicated interconnect to a Public Cloud provider.

Private VXC – Will display a list of other Ports that you own and allow you to connect to them.

Internet Exchange – This will allow you to connect to any of our Internet Exchanges/IXs globally.

Megaport Marketplace – Our Global Marketplace. Search and connect to a huge range of different service providers across all of our locations globally.

Service Key – Used to connect to a third party Megaport if they are not listed publicly in the Megaport Marketplace.

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