Megaport Marketplace

The Megaport Marketplace (previously known as Megaport Exchange) is a global marketplace where Service Providers can promote the services they offer. End user clients can then search a truly global marketplace of providers, requesting quotes and obtaining the best solution, regardless of previous location limitations.

To browse the list of available Providers, simply click on the Megaport Marketplace menu item at the top of the portal screen:


From here you will see a list of all Megaport Marketplace participants. You will note a number of options at the top which will allow you to filter based on the criteria you are looking for, or you can search directly based on provider name.


Port Speed – Filter by the speed of Port that the provider has in this location. Note, this does not reflect the actual speed you will connect at, simply the maximum possible. For example, a 100Mbps VXC could be deployed to a provider with any speed Port. However, a 2Gbps VXC could only be ordered to a provider with a 10G port or above.

Provider Type – Here you can filter by the type of service you are looking to buy. Note the various sub-categories for each product type, this will allow even more granular filtering.

Country – Allows you to filter the providers based on which country in which they have Ports.

After you have selected the desired criteria, a list of providers matching this will be displayed. Clicking on a provider will take you to their Megaport Marketplace profile page.

This page displays information about your selected provider as well as a list of their Port locations to which you can request to connect. Find the correct Port in the location you want and click the “+ Connection” button. A Pop-Up screen will ask you to confirm which of your Ports you want to connect from:


Once you have selected this click next and you’ll be taken to the VXC configuration screen to complete the details.

After completing the required fields the price for this connection will be displayed. If you are happy with the configuration, simply select “Add to Cart” and then proceed with configuring additional connections, or step through the checkout process.

Once you deploy the VXC, the provider that you are trying to connect to will receive a notification of your connection request. They will be prompted to log in to their portal account and authorise this request. Once they approve the connection, the VXC will be configured and usable within 59 seconds. 

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