Megaport Marketplace – Service Provider Notifications

The Megaport Marketplace is a global marketplace that connects service providers with our vast Ecosystem of enterprise customers. On the MX, service providers can promote their business and customers can efficiently multi-source their organization’s IT service needs.

The MX makes it easy to search for service providers that enable Megaports across our global Software Defined Network (SDN). Customers can self-provision Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) to any provider hosted on the MX.

Key Features of the MX:

      • Neutral inclusive marketplace: Megaport is data centre agnostic meaning that customers can access the MX and tap into services by some of the world’s leading technology providers without being locked to a single data centre provider.
      • Rapid and agile connectivity: Customers can find and connect to service providers around the world in as little time as 59 seconds.
      • Self-serve: Customers can connect with who they want and when they want to meet their specific business needs.

Subsequent to the service provider creating their MX profile, they are ready to start receiving connection requests from customers.  

When a customer initiates the connection request, the service provider is notified of the request by email and can choose to accept or deny the request.  

This guide is designed to:

Show the notifications that are emailed by Megaport to:

  • Show the notifications that are emailed by Megaport to:
      • the service provider
      • the customer requesting the connection
  • Detail the procedure for the service provider to accept or deny the request
  • Detail the procedure to configure email notification groups so that each user receives only email updates relevant to their position.

Requirements for the Customer of the Service Provider

    • Access to the Megaportal
    • The requesting customer has a Megaport(s) or Megaport Cloud Router(s) (MCR) on the Megaport Network
    • Layer 2 / Layer 3 support

Connection Request from Customer Perspective

      • Customer logs into their own Megaportal account
      • They click ‘+ Connection
      • They select ‘Megaport Marketplace

    • Using the search bar, the customer enters the first few letters of the name of the service provider to which they want to connect and clicks on the service provider.
    • On the right-hand side, they select the appropriate destination Port of the service provider. Typically this would be the destination Port closest to them. Then select Next.

The customer completes ‘Connection Details’ fields by entering the ‘Name’, ‘Rate Limit speed’, and ‘Preferred A-End VLAN’. They select next and Add VXC and then order

Service Provider and Customer Notifications

Immediately after the customer connection request is made, email notifications are sent by Megaport to both the service provider and the requesting customer:

Notification to the service provider:

First Notification to the requesting customer:

Who Can Receive the Notifications?

  • Each user on the Megaport Portal is assigned privilege levels at the time their profile is completed.  Users configured for Company Admin, Technical Contact, and Technical Admin can subscribe to notifications.

After receiving the email notification of the connection request, the service provider will log in to the Megaport Portal, navigate to the approvals section, and select ‘Accept Request’ or ‘Deny Request’.

The second notification to the requesting customer details the action taken by the service provider:
The requesting customer is notified again when the VXC is up:

This establishes the Layer 2 connection from the requesting customer to the service provider.  

If the service provider has multiple destination Ports to which the requesting customer requires connectivity, they then repeat the process above for each new connection.

Note: Service providers can also use Service Keys to control customer access to their Ports.  

For additional information on Service Keys, click here


Subsequent to the initial turn up a customer requests a speed change to a higher bandwidth the Service provider is notified and can accept or reject the change.

Configuring Email Notifications:

Users can choose to receive email notifications from each of these six groups: Security, Ordering, Financial, People, Company and Services. Security, Ordering, Financial, People, Company and Services.

To view the group email details and to make selections, the user will navigate to their user name on the right-hand side of the portal and select notification settings in the dropdown menu.


Select View Details:

Click on Show detailed notifications:



Here, you will view the details of email notifications for each group.  Select the appropriate group or groups and then select save at the bottom of the page.  In the example I chose to receive emails relating to Finances.

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