Creating a Megaport Marketplace Profile for Service Providers

The Megaport Marketplace is a global marketplace that connects service providers with our vast ecosystem of enterprise customers. On the MX, service providers can promote their business and customers can efficiently multi-source their organization’s IT service needs.

The MX makes it easy to search for service providers that enable Megaports across our global Software Defined Network (SDN). Customers can self-provision Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) to any provider hosted on the MX.

This guide is designed to assist service providers in creating their MX profile.

Key Features of the MX:

    • Neutral, inclusive marketplace: Megaport is data centre agnostic meaning that customers can access the MX and tap into services by some of the world’s leading technology providers without being locked to a single data centre provider.
    • Rapid and agile connectivity: Customers can find and connect to service providers around the world in as little time as 59 seconds.
    • Self-serve: Customers can connect with who they want and when they want to meet their specific business needs.

Before you can create a Megaport Marketplace profile, a Customer profile will need to be completed to receive login credentials to the Megaport Portal.

To get started, log in to your Portal account at

From the Dashboard Toolbar, choose Company drop-down.

Select Megaport Marketplace Profile:

The Megaport Marketplace Profile window will display to provide the following detail:

    • Upload Company Logo: The image uploaded in this box will be the image on the tile displayed on the Megaport Marketplace. Recommended Image size of 200x200px in PNG (best) or JPG format.
    • Public / Private: When selecting “Public” your profile will be visible on the MX. Selecting “Private” will hide your profile from appearing on the MX. This may be selected when editing or pending final completion of the profile.
    • Company Name: List the company name that you wish to be displayed in both the MX as well as part of the URL noted in Website below.
    • Company Bio: This is a free text field where company biographical information can be entered. Note: There is a 200-word limit.
    • Contact Email: This is the contact email for inquiries related to your Marketplace profile. It is recommended the contact support sales/service inquiries on behalf of you as the service provider.
    • Website: Provide your company URL/address. Ideally, this link will contain specific information on the offerings you will provide via the MX.
    • Phone: Provide your nominated contact number to field customer service inquiries via your Marketplace profile.
    • Provider Type: Mark appropriate category for services you offer. (Note: This can be updated and changed). See the last page of this document for enabled subcategories/service type references.
    • Social: Add the social media links you wish to be attached to your profile.
    • Headquarters: Add the address of your company’s primary location.
    • Note: Greyed out Ports will need to be made public to show as targets for service on your Marketplace profile.
    • Select Save Profile.

Edit Marketplace Profile:

You can edit your profile at any time following these steps:

From the Dashboard Toolbar, choose Company drop-down.

Select Megaport Marketplace Profile:

Next, you will be given the following window. Click on Edit Profile to make any changes to your existing profile.

Provider Type Sub-Categories:

Inter-Capital Leased Capacity, International Leased Capacity, Metro Ethernet Access (EFM), Metro Ethernet Access (fibre), Metro Ethernet Access (Wireless), SME/Enterprise L2 VPN (Carrier Ethernet),Wholesale Fttx services, Wholesale MPLS/VPLS/VPN, Wholesale xDSL


DDOS Protection, Enterprise L3 VPN (MPLS/VPLS/VPN), IP Exchange (IX)/Peering, IP Transit
(blended), IP Transit (local)

(No sub-categories)

SME/Enterprise SIP Trunk Services, Wholesale Voice Termination

Cloud Stack, Dedicated Servers, Elastic Compute, Open Stack, Storage as a Service

Cloud Foundry, Hadoop, Mobile Back End as a Service, NoSQL Database, Open Shift, Traditional SQL Database

Hosted Accounting, Hosted Communications Tools (IM&P), Hosted CRM, Hosted ERP, Hosted Email, Hosted PBX, Hosted Virtual Desktop, Unified Communications (Voice, video)

(No sub-categories)

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