Megaport Technical Specifications

These tables summarize the technical specifications for Megaport services:

Interface Speed Interface
1 Gbps 1000BASE-LX (10km; duplex on SMOF)
10 Gbps 10GBASE-LR (10km; duplex on SMOF)
100 Gbps 100GBASE-LR4 (10km)
Service Attribute Service Parameter/Value
MAC Layer IEEE 802.3-2002
UNI MTU 9100 bytes
VLAN Ethertype 0x8100
CoS Level Standard
Unicast Frame Delivery Deliver Unconditionally
Multicast Frame Delivery Deliver Unconditionally
Broadcast Frame Delivery Deliver Unconditionally
Layer 2 Control Tunneling Protocol Action
Pause Discard
LACP Discard
Link OAM Discard
802.1x Discard
E-LMI Tunnel
PAUSE (802.3x) Discard
LLDP Tunnel
GARP Tunnel

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