Viewing Traffic Routing through MCR Looking Glass

For complete details about using the MCR Looking Glass, see the topic on the new documentation site: Viewing Traffic Routing through MCR Looking Glass.

The MCR Looking Glass provides single-screen visibility into traffic routing. This visibility helps you troubleshoot connections by showing the status of protocols and routing tables in the MCR.

The Looking Glass answers questions such as:

  • What route is MCR currently using to send traffic?
  • What are all possible routes MCR can use?
  • What IP prefixes and routes have I received from my BGP neighbor(s)?
  • Which routes have been advertised to my BGP neighbor(s)?
  • Does a route exist in the routing table for a specific destination?

Megaport offers a public API that you can use to access the services available through the Looking Glass. To view the API documentation, go to

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