MCR – IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect

MCR Connections to IBM Cloud using Direct Link:

IBM Cloud’s private connection model is called Direct Link. IBM Direct Link enables customers to create private connections between their remote network environments and their IBM Cloud deployments.

To connect to Direct Link using MCR, you will first need to log in to your IBM Console and create a ticket by following the steps below.

Once you have created the ticket, connecting to IBM Cloud from an MCR is a straightforward process via the Megaport Portal.

Setting up your Direct Link to IBM Cloud – Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Local/Global Routing Options: The ‘Local Routing’ option provides access to data centres with the same three-letter prefix as the Point of Presence (DAL, AMS, MEL, etc). The ‘Global Routing’ option is required as an add-on to reach data centres outside of those locations.
    • For more details on Local VS Global Routing options, click here.
  • Port Speed Options for IBM Direct Link Connect via the MCR: Select either 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, or 5 Gbps.  
    • For port pricing from IBM, click here. Please note the ‘Connect’ column.

Create IBM Direct Link Connect ticket in the IBM Console

  1. Log in to your IBM Console to create a ticket ID:
  2. Next, click on the main menu in the IBM Console, then select Infrastructure.

  1. Next, select ‘Direct Link’ and then select ‘Connect’:

  1. The next screen, allows you to enter details that will be used to generate the IBM ticket.
  • Direct Link Instance Name
  • Location – This is where you will peer with IBM
  • Network Provider (Megaport)
  • Link Speed
  • Routing Option – Local / Global
  • BGP ASN – The ASN is the number the customer uses to peer with IBM. IBM typically auto-assigns 64999.  Please leave the default AS number here.  On your IBM ticket request to use the MCR AS# 133937.

Click ‘Next’

  1. The next screen will ask you to acknowledge terms and conditions and create your Direct Link. Click on ‘Create’. You will then be provided with an IBM Cloud ticket number.


  1. Open the assigned ticket in the IBM console and request BGP peering addresses for the connection between the MCR and IBM.

Please use a similar format to the following verbiage in your request:

Please assign BGP peering IP addresses and approve the use of Megaport AS# 133937 that will be used on the Direct Link Connect as detailed in this ticket. After assignment of the peering addresses and confirmation of the Megaport AS number the Direct Link Connect will be provisioned on the Megaport Cloud Router (MCR).  The connection request cannot be initiated from the MCR until the IP addresses are assigned and the AS# 133937 is approved.

10.254.x.xx/30 subnet

IBM Cloud IP Address: 10.254.x.xx/30

Remote Peer IP Address: 10.254.x.xx/30

IBM Cloud ASN: 13884

Remote Peer ASN: 133937

IBM will then update the ticket with the BGP peering IP addresses and AS confirmation.

Please copy the information provided as well as the IBM Cloud ticket number and open the Megaport Portal.

Completing an IBM Direct Link Connect request from the MCR

From the steps completed above, you now have enough information to create the VXC request in the Portal to IBM Cloud.

From the MCR, choose ‘+Connection’:


Next, select Cloud tile.


Select IBM Cloud, then select the IBM Direct Link Destination Port where the peer will be set up with IBM Cloud. This will match the peer location selected in the IBM Console. In this example, we’ve used Dallas. Then, click ‘Next’.


  • Name Your Connection: You will need to reference the IBM ticket number as shown below.
  • Note an ‘Invoice Reference’ internal to your records. This is optional.
  • Choose a ‘Rate Limit’ speed in 1 Mbps increments up to the MCR rate size. In most cases, customers will choose to match the port speed created in the IBM Console. In this example, we’ve used a 50 Mb rate limit to match the 50 Mb port provisioned in the IBM Console. Then, click ‘Next’.

The next screen, Connection Detail for MCR End, allows you to enter details to set up the peering session between the selected MCR and the IBM edge device using the information provided by IBM in the IBM ticket.

  • IP addresses – enter your local IP address assigned by IBM and click on the  +button


  • Click on the BGP + Add BGP connection button

  • Peer ASN – assigned by IBM, usually 13884
  • Local IP – Click on the drop-down to select the local IP address assigned by IBM
  • Peer IP – address assigned by IBM
  • BGP Authorization: This is not a mandatory field
  • Override MCR ASN: MCR ASN 133937 will be automatically populated.  You can choose to override the MCR ASN.

After these values have been entered (and checked), you may click ‘Add’ to save this BGP Connection, then click ‘Next’, add to cart, and check-out the connection.

Next Steps:

  • Subsequent to check-out, please update your IBM ticket detailing that you created the connection from Megaport.  
  • IBM will activate your connection and then configure the IBM devices and complete their end of the Direct Link activation. IBM will update the ticket when completed. You can also verify the connection is up and BGP is established by checking the logs on your VXC from your MCR to IBM.

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