Managing User Roles within the Megaport Portal

Our intuitive self-serve Portal enables users to quickly and easily create and provision Megaport services. We continually make incremental improvements to the usability of our Portal in order to provide customers with a seamless experience. One of our most recent improvements is providing the option to set up five different user roles so that organisations can separate tasks and control of their services.

When creating an account in the Portal, users are provided with measures for security and access control for their services. Two factor authentication is supported when gaining access to the Portal and our recommended app is Google Authenticator. The APIs require a valid session token to access and provision services.

This article is a short overview of the Megaport user roles and permissions. If you prefer, you can also watch our walkthrough video here.

This article will also detail the procedure to configure email notification groups so that each user only receives email updates relevant to their position.

To begin managing your users’ roles and permissions, log in to the Portal and select ‘Company’ and then ‘Manage Users’. Please note that you must have ‘Company Admin’ privileges to edit user credentials.

This will load the ‘Manage Users’ area and show existing users and the option to select New User. From here, you can add a new user or edit existing user privileges and contact information. The Megaport Privacy Policy is available, for review, from the link towards the bottom of the page.

Select “New User” to enter the user information and role.

For existing users, you can edit the user profile and also activate and deactivate access from this page. This allows for both pre-provisioning, fast enablement, and suspension of user access to the Portal.

When creating a new Portal role, all fields are mandatory. The user email address is required for registration and to enable notifications.

The ‘Role’ option is where users are allocated their role and associated privileges. The following five roles are available.

Read Only

The ‘Read Only’ role is the most restrictive role available and does not allow any changes to your Portal account or services. Please note that a user with this role can view service details which could contain information about the service that you may wish to keep secure and private.


This user role allows the user to place and approve orders, access financial data, and delete services. Users of this role should have a financial responsibility within the organisation while also understanding the consequences of their actions on services should they wish to delete or approve services. While creating services, you can see the cost of the service before deploying. Please note that it is also possible to see the cost of deployed services by selecting a service in the Portal and viewing the Details tab.

 Finance Contact

This user role is similar to the Finance role without the ability to Place and Approve orders, Delete Services or administer Service Keys

 Technical Admin

The Technical Admin role is similar to the Technical Contact role with the addition of being able to administer Service Keys. Once the Portal is set up by the Company Admin, this role then allows full control of service adds, moves, and changes. The Technical Contact cannot access Company or Financial Details.

 Technical Contact

The Technical Contact role is for technical users who know how to create services and has the authority to place and approve orders. The Technical Contact can also subscribe to notifications about services. The Technical Contact cannot Delete Services or access Company or Financial Details.

 Company Admin

The Company Admin user has access to all user privileges including user administration, market and financial configuration, company profile, creation and deletion of services, approval of orders, and notification subscription. It is therefore advised to limit the number of Company Admin users to only those who require this level of access.

If you have any further questions about the Portal user roles, please do not hesitate to contact support via the Portal by selecting the support icon at the bottom of the page.

Configuring Email Notifications:

Users can choose to receive email notifications from each of these six groups: Security, Ordering, Financial, People, Company and Services.

To view the group email details and to make selections, the user will navigate to their user name on the right-hand side of the portal and select notification settings in the dropdown menu.

Select View Details:

Click on Show detailed notifications:


Here, you will view the details of email notifications for each group.  Select the appropriate group or groups and then select save at the bottom of the page.  In the example I chose to receive emails relating to Finances.

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