Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs)

VXCs are private, point-to-point, Ethernet pseudo-wires presented as a Layer 2 VLAN between two endpoints. The originating (or A-End) of a VXC is always a port owned by the customer ordering the VXC. The B end can be any of the four destination types that are described in more detail here.  All VXCs have a large MTU, support Q-in-Q, and are transparent to most protocols.

Unicast Frame Delivery: Unconditional

VLAN Ethernet Type: 0x8100

Q-in-Q (802.1ad): Supported

Maximum Ethernet Frame Size: 9100 bytes (including Ethernet header, not including FCS)

Layer 2 Control Protocol Transparency:

PNAC (802.1x) Discard
PAUSE (802.3x) Discard
LACP (802.1ax/802.3ad) Discard

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