Ok, so how do I get connected?

The first step in getting your services online with Megaport is to set up your portal account. This will be covered in a future post, but let’s assume you already have an account set up. How do you proceed with activating Megaport services?

The next step here is to get your Megaport created and connected. Remember that the Megaport is simply your interface to our network. So wherever you want to take traffic in and out of our network you’ll need to deploy a Megaport. You can start with a single Data Centre to connect with us, however the best practice model is to select two different Megaport locations to connect, in order to provide redundancy.

Once you have decided on your locations, you’ll need to log in to the portal to deploy the Ports. This is done by clicking on the “Create Megaport” button on the top left of the main Portal screen. Once you do this you’ll see the following:

Once you have selected your preferred location, click on next, and fill out the following informations:

Port Speed: Pick your preferred speed. Make sure you have equipment capable of interfacing with your chosen speed.

Megaport Name: This is a free text field. Make sure to choose a name that easily identifies the Port, especially if you plan on having more than one.

Megaport Marketplace Visibility: This determines whether or not you are visible in our public directory. Being public enables other Megaport clients to search and see your Port locations and request to connect. Being private means that your port won’t be searchable. You can, however, still be connected to by generating and using a Service Key.

Choose your minimum term: The default is a rolling month to month term. However, options are available for 12, 24, and 36 month fixed terms. A longer term attracts a larger discount which will be displayed down the bottom of the screen.

Invoice reference: This is used for billing purposes to apply PO numbers or other references to this specific line item.

The price at the bottom of the screen will update dynamically based on the selections you make. Once you are happy with your settings, select “Next” then “Add Port”. At this stage you can add more Megaports in other locations, or proceed to the checkout for deployment.

Once you click “Order Now”, congratulations! You’ve successfully ordered your first Megaport/s. Less than a minute after completing this, you’ll receive an email from us with an attachment. This PDF is called a Letter of Authorisation (LOA) and contains all the info and authorisation you need to get your port connected. Simply provide this LOA to the relevant DC facilities team as part of a new Cross Connect order. The LOA tells them where to connect the cable on our side, and you will need to provide the desired termination point for your side. This process usually takes between 2-4 business days but varies depending on your chosen DC provider. Note that the costs associated with ordering this Cross Connect are charged directly from the DC provider and are not part of the Megaport costs.

The Cross Connect type you will require is a Single Mode Fibre Pair. Information around the correct connectors and anything else required will vary depending on the DC but this is all contained within the LOA. You will need to supply an appropriate SFP compatible with your switching equipment to connect the Cross Connect on your side.

1G Port = LX type SFP

10G Port = LR type SFP

Note that Revera Auckland William Pickering Drive (WPD) is an exception to the above policy and is a MULTI-MODE site – requiring SX (1Gbps) and SR (10Gbps) SFPs if building within this site ONLY.

If you experience any issues in activating your Port, you can get in touch with our support team 24/7. The quickest way to do this is in the Megaport Portal by clicking on the red chat icon at the bottom right of the screen:

You can also email support@megaport.com

Once the Cross Connect has been successfully connected, you will receive another email notification advising your Port is now LIVE and ready for use. If you have any trouble in activating the Port or wish to confirm that the Port is connected properly, please contact support.

Megaport provides a 14 day grace period for billing after ordering a port so you have time to get it connected. Billing for the Port will start 14 days after the order, or when the port becomes live, whichever occurs first.

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