Create a Megaport

A Megaport is a Dot1Q Trunk Port providing access to Megaport’s global Ecosystem.

One or more can be deployed in any of the Megaport locations globally and are available in the following physical media types:

    • 1GBASE-LX
    • 10GBASE-LR
    • 100GBASE-LR (limited locations)

Megaports are configured as 802.1Q VLAN trunks to support multiple VXC services, each presented as a unique VLAN. Between two Megaports a maximum MTU value of 9100 bytes can be used through this is lower for IX and Cloud Service Provider targets.

Ethernet frames entering and leaving a VLAN trunk interface have an ether-type of 0x8100 and a VLAN header with a recognized identifier.

Link aggregation is supported using link-aggregation control protocol (LACP). LACP may also be used on individual interfaces to support future aggregation.

Megaport Technical Specifications:

How to Order

To enable a new Megaport, log in to the Megaport Portal.

Select Create Megaport, under the Services area of the Portal.

Create port

Define your Megaport by following steps 1 (Select Location), 2 (Configure Port) and 3 (Summary/Confirmation).

  1. Port location
    Select the preferred port site location by either using the drop-down country filter, or typing some detail about the data centre in the search box.
  2.  Select Next once you have clicked on the selected DC location.
  3.  Select Port Speed – This is the speed of the Megaport at 1Gbps or 10Gbps.
  4.  Type a Megaport Name. This is a free text field allowing you to assign a logical name to your Megaport.
  5.  Set the Megaport Marketplace Visibility – If you select Public in Megaport Marketplace, your port will be visible to other participants of the Megaport Ecosystem for inbound connection requests.
  6.  Select Term –  1-month, 1-year, 2-year or 3-year options are available. 
  7.  Click Next, confirm options and submit.

Port configuration

Verify pricing and click Order

Order Now from Order Services window – This will initiate the provisioning of your new Megaport.

Port order

Once deployed, under your new interface, you can download your Letter of Authorization (LOA). Provide this document to your data centre operator. This will establish the physical cross connection from your network device to your new Megaport; giving you access to the Megaport platform.

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