Oracle FAQ: Can I access all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions with a single FastConnect?

Oracle Regions are completely independent of other regions. Each FastConnect will connect to one region. Connecting to multiple regions requires multiple FastConnects.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is hosted in Regions and Availability Domains. When you sign up for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle creates a tenancy for you in one region. This is your home region.

To find out what your home region is:

  • Open the Oracle Console, click the Region menu (upper left), and then click Manage Regions. The list of regions offered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is displayed. Your home region is labeled.

A ‘Region’ is a localized geographic area and an ‘Availability Domain’ is one or more data centers located within a Region. A Region is composed of several Availability Domains. Most Bare Metal resources are either Region-specific, such as a Virtual Cloud Network, or Availability Domain-specific, such as a Compute instance.

When you select a Region in the Console, you are shown a view of the resources in your selected Region. Most cloud resources (instances, VCNs, buckets, etc.) exist only in a specific Region so you only see them when you select the Region where they were created.

All the Availability Domains in a Region are connected to each other by a low-latency, high-bandwidth network, which makes it possible to build replicated systems in multiple Availability Domains for both high-availability and disaster recovery.

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