Microsoft Cloud: Azure Region Pair via ExpressRoute – HA Design

When using Azure ExpressRoute to transport production Azure workloads, it is recommended to use ExpressRoute circuits in both Azure Regions in a given Azure Region Pair using ExpressRoute On-Ramps at each region. This could be from either a single Megaport, a pair of Megaport physical connections (either discrete or in LAG/LACP bundle) in a single DC or diversified across multiple DC locations (refer Azure ExpressRoute High Availability page).

Below are the components required for creating diverse paths into Azure Paired Region via Megaport in two different DC locations:

  • Microsoft Azure
    1 x ExpressRoute Circuit in Region 1 of the Region Pair
    1 x ExpressRoute Circuit in Region 2 of the Region Pair
    1 x Virtual Network Gateway in Region 1 attached to Virtual Network (VNet)
    1 x Virtual Network Gateway in Region 2 attached to Virtual Network (VNet)

Important Note: Refer to updated FAQ entries on multiple ER circuits connecting a given vNet at same (or different) peering location Azure ExpressRoute FAQ 01, Azure ExpressRoute FAQ 02, and Azure ExpressRoute FAQ 03.

Also check out our referenced post: MCR – Sharing an Azure ExpressRoute to a Single Region

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