IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect

IBM Cloud’s private connection model is called Direct Link. IBM Direct Link enables customers to create private connections between their remote network environments and their IBM Cloud deployments.

When connecting to IBM via a Direct Link with Megaport, the Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) forms the layer 2 component of the connection. Layer 3 BGP connectivity is established directly between the customer and IBM Cloud.

The benefit to creating IBM Direct Link via Megaport:

  • Reduced latency, increased availability
  • Reduce data egress cost
  • Secure connectivity

Points to keep in mind when setting up your Direct Link to IBM Cloud:

  • Redundancy: Redundant connections can be supported via Megaport. In each of the Direct Link peering locations, Megaport has established two diverse Direct Links with IBM Cloud. In the Megaport Portal, the Ports are noted as Port 1 and Port 2. A redundant configuration will require two or more VXCs.
  • Local/Global Routing Options: The ‘Local Routing’ option provides access to data centers with the same three-letter prefix as the Point of Presence (DAL, AMS, MEL, etc). The ‘Global Routing’ option is required as an add-on to reach data centers outside of those locations.
    • For more details on local and global routing options, click here.
  • Port Speed Options for IBM Direct Link Connect: Select either 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, or 5 Gbps.  
    • For port pricing from IBM, click here. Please note the ‘Connect’ column.
  • Megaport-Enabled Direct Link Locations:
    • North America: Ashburn, Dallas, San Jose, Toronto
    • Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London
    • Melbourne, Sydney

Create IBM Direct Link Connect VXC via the Megaport Portal:

First, you will need to log in to your IBM Console and create a ticket ID:

Next, click on the main menu in the IBM Console, then select ‘Infrastructure’

Next, select ‘Direct Link’ and then select ‘Connect’:

Next, you will name your Direct Link in the IBM Console. Select your peering location, provider (Megaport), port speed, routing Local / Global, and ASN. Then, click ‘Next’.

The ‘Next’ screen will ask you to acknowledge terms and condition and create your Direct Link. Click on ‘Create’ you will then be provided with an IBM Cloud Ticket number. Copy the IBM Cloud Ticket and open the Portal.

VXC Deployment Steps:

  1. Create an IBM Direct Link Connect Virtual Cross Connect (VXC). Provision a VXC in the Portal to your chosen IBM Direct Link Connect peering location.

To create an IBM Direct Link VXC in the Portal, click ‘+Connection’ on the Megaport to which you want to attach your VXC. An example below reflects IBM Direct Link as the customer-named Megaport selected.


Next, select Cloud tile.


Next, type ‘IBM’ into the ‘Select Provider’ search box. Select the IBM Direct Link location where the peer will be set up with IBM Cloud. This will match the peer location selected in the IBM console. In this example, we have used Dallas. Then, click ‘Next’.


  1. Name Your Connection: You will need to paste the IBM Cloud Ticket number in the connection Name Your Connections field
  2. Note an ‘Invoice Reference’ internal to your records. This is optional.
  3. Choose a ‘Rate Limit’ speed in 1 Mbps increments up to the Megaport rate size. In most cases, customers will choose to match the port speed created in the IBM Console. In this example, we’ve used a 50 Mb rate limit to match the 50 Mb port provisioned in IBM Console.
  4. The VLAN for this connection that you will receive via the Megaport. This must be a unique VLAN ID on this Port. You can also select the toggle to ‘untag’ this VXC. This will remove the VLAN tagging for this connection but will also mean that only one VXC can be deployed on this Port.


Once you have completed the sections, you are ready to click ‘Next’ and add the VXC. You can then proceed through the checkout process.

Next Steps:

  • IBM will verify the IBM Cloud Ticket number and send you a /30 or /31 Private IP to provision for BGP.

Use the following link to connect your IBM Direct Link to complete your private connection to your IBM Cloud environment here.

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