Virtual Cross Connect Pricing


Megaport’s Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) pricing structure involves three types of distance-based rates:

  • Metro – a VXC that is provisioned between data centres within a defined Metro area (typically a city)
  • Zone – a VXC that is provisioned between metros within a defined Zone (typically multiple states or provinces grouped together)
  • Interzone – a VXC that is provisioned between Zones

Prices vary between different data centers, cloud partners, and destinations. The key factors that determine VXC pricing are the distance between the data center locations (the A-End and B-End) and the bandwidth that you configure. There are two easy options for obtaining a VXC price estimate:

  1. Megaport Pricing Tool – Specify your A-End and B-End data center locations, bandwidth, and currency. On the graph that appears, you can experiment and drag the vary data rate speeds over a number of days. For example, you can specify different speeds for weekdays and weekends.
  2. Megaport Portal – Test different VXC configurations without any obligation. Create a Port to see how Metros, Zones, Interzones, and data centers are presented. Deploy a VXC between two Ports to get an immediate estimate in your currency.

All VXCs ordered will now be billed in arrears (postpaid) based on the time a VXC is active at a given speed/Committed Information Rate (CIR). This change does not represent an overall increase or decrease in Megaport VXC charges. While there are some regional increases and/or decreases, the new Zone and Interzone VXC price points will be consistent with current pricing.

Billing for existing customer VXCs will not change as long as there is no alteration to the service. Any bandwidth CIR changes to existing Intercap VXCs will trigger a conversion to the new pricing model. Bandwidth changes to existing Metro VXCs will not trigger a pricing change.

Metro VXCs

Metro VXCs will remain a flat rate but now have two pricing tiers based on bandwidth selected:

  • 1 Mbps – 1000 Mbps = 100/month*
  • 1001 Mbps – 10 Gbps = 200/month*

*Pricing values are consistent across all currencies (excludes HKD).

Pricing Zones and Indicative Metros

Zone Indicative Metros
AU North Brisbane
AU South Melbourne
AU Central Adelaide
AU East Sydney, Canberra
AU West Perth
SE Asia Singapore
E Asia Hong Kong
NE Asia Tokyo
NZ Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton
US West Seattle, Portland, Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose), Sacramento, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego
US Central Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas, Cincinnati, Columbus, St. Louis, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Minneapolis, Nashville
US East New York, Boston, Ashburn, Newark, Philadelphia, Norwalk, Miami, Atlanta, Culpeper, Tampa, Pittsburgh
CA East Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal
EU West London, Dublin
EU North Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Nürnberg, Amsterdam, Stockholm
EU East Sofia


Zone VXC Pricing

Pricing Mechanism

The VXC pricing is calculated based on the ‘A’ end and ‘B’ end data centre locations (Megaport Points of Presence) and the CIR bandwidth desired.

Monthly Recurring Charge = VXC Recurring Charge + (Bandwidth CIR * Bandwidth Base Rate)

VXC Recurring Charge
This is a fixed monthly recurring charge (e.g. $100) that is applied to every VXC ordered regardless of the service Bandwidth CIR.
Bandwidth Base Rate
This is a $/Mbps value based on Zone, or Interzone VXC type.
Bandwidth CIR
This is the desired bandwidth (1 – 10000 Mbps) which is multiplied by the Bandwidth Base Rate to yield a corresponding Monthly Recurring Charge. Sample pricing calculations are in the last section of this article.
The following chart displays Zone VXC pricing for all currently available pricing zones across the Megaport Network.

Zone Bandwidth Base Rate (per Mbps per Month)
US East USD 0.180
US Central USD 0.180
US West USD 0.180
CA East CAD 0.180
SE Asia USD 0.90
AU North (BNE) AUD 0.400
AU South (MEL) AUD 0.400
AU Central (ADL) AUD 0.400
AU East (SYD, CBR) AUD 0.400
AU West (PER) AUD 0.400
NZ NZD 0.400
EU West GBP 0.14
EU North EUR 0.14
EU East EUR 0.14

Interzone VXC Pricing

A Zone B Zone Currency Inter Zone Rate
CA East US West USD 0.5
AU East AU South AUD 0.4
AU South AU Central AUD 1
AU South US West USD 7
US Central US West USD 0.24
US Central US East USD 0.24
US East US West USD 0.28
CA East US East USD 0.24
AU North AU East AUD 0.4
CA East US Central USD 0.39
EU West US East USD 0.8
EU North EU West EUR 0.2
EU East EU North EUR 0.25
EU East EU West EUR 0.45
AU Central AU West AUD 1
AU East NZ AUD 6
AU East E Asia USD 6
AU West SE Asia USD 4
SE Asia E Asia USD 0.90
E Asia NE Asia USD 1.50
NE Asia AU East USD 6
NE Asia US West USD 2

The following diagram is a logical representation of $/Mbps price per Interzone VXC and should not be considered as indicative of our actual Layer 2 Megaport Network routes. Click to enlarge the map:

Sample Pricing Calculations

The following examples are provided to illustrate the new pricing calculation and to provide a comparison with the existing pricing.
Interzone VXC: Sydney (AU East) to Auckland (NZ) presented in AUD

Speed Mbps Recurring Bandwidth Charge Post July’18 (Current) Pre July’18
1 100 6.00 106 13
1000 100 6000 6100 6838
5000 100 30000 30100 27468
10000 100 60000 60100 48128

Zone VXC: Hong Kong to Singapore (Southeast Asia) presented in USD

Speed Mbps Recurring Bandwidth Charge Post July’18 (Current) Pre July’18
1 100 0.9 100.9 3
1000 100 900 1000 1173
5000 100 4500 4600 4709
10000 100 9000 9100 8251

Zone VXC: San Francisco to Seattle (US West) presented in USD

Speed (Mbps) Recurring Charge Bandwidth Charge Post July’18 (Current) Pre July’18
1 100 0.18 100.18 1
1000 100 180 280 449
5000 100 900 1000 1804
10000 100 1800 1900 3160

Interzone VXC: Stockholm (EU North) to London (EU West) presented in EUR

Speed (Mbps) Recurring Charge Bandwidth Charge Post July’18 (Current) Pre July’18
1 100 0.2 100.2 1
1000 100 200 300 356
5000 100 1000 1100 1427
10000 100 2000 2100 2500

Visit to start provisioning Metro, Zone, and Interzone VXC connections and/or alter any existing VXC connections to align with the new pricing.

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